Christmas Faves (2015)


  1. A tangle of lights and a merry five-year-old
  2.  Best. Ginger. Cookies. Ever
  3. This little angel used to hang on my Nana’s tree
  4. Top knot girl unwrapping the ornaments oh so carefully
  5. Merry Elf Fart cookies…made by J and Daddy. Of course.
  6. Early morning flight to Terrace for Christmas
  7. Do you want to build a snowman?
  8. Snow Angel
  9. Daddy & J -Tobogganing smiles
  10. Little sister. Big sister.
  11. Little hands at the Nativity scene
  12. Another tobogganing sesh – eyes pinched tight
  13. Mandatory mother-daughters in the snow shot
  14. Up before the birds with baby J, enjoying coffee and a view
  15. Baby J & Daddy. Those cheeks!
  16. J on Christmas morning
  17. The heart of Christmas morning chaos
  18. She only asked for one thing from Santa. And she got it!
  19. Painting all the boys’ nails
  20. Christmas breakfast complete with faux-mosa
  21. Little elf, smiling bright
  22. Escaping elf
  23. Walking on (frozen) water ( Lakelse Lake)
  24. Auntie Cuddles
  25. Story time with Nana
  26. Celebrating Grandpa’s Boxing Day Birthday

2 thoughts on “Christmas Faves (2015)

  1. I love your Christmas post!! From the ornaments to elf farts, the tobogganing & snuggles with nana & grandpa, it sure was an exciting holiday. I think Jules will remember it for some time now 🙂

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