Nine Months Old

IMG_7929It suddenly occurred to me that we will be throwing a first birthday in less than three months’ time – you are nine months old, little one, and it has me shaking my head a bit. Time is moving faster these days. And so are you. Here’s the low down…

You are a speed crawler. Your Dad thinks it looks like you are swimming because of the way you slap your hands on the floor as you hightail it around this apartment. You are one active and physical little baby, and seem move even quicker when I say “no” – which ultimately makes you laugh and burn rubber.

And speaking of laughing, you spend a lot of time doing just that. It doesn’t take much to make you giggle and you have a funny little sense of humour. Playing the “bum drum” in the bath is your current favourite. It’s exactly what it sounds like. And your sister is the drum!


You are fearless. Meaning, we need to keep a very close eye on you. I’ve tried to devise an intricate system of pillows and chairs to keep you out of places that I deem “baby unfriendly,” but you are like a mouse and somehow will wriggle your way in. Cooking dinner is pretty much the hardest task of my day since you don’t like to be restrained and would rather hang out in front of a boiling pot of water. So I’m planning on some frozen pizza nights until I can train you to be my sous-chef.


You can make people do things. This past week has been all about launching things off the edge of your highchair, then watching as people, i.e. your sister and I, scramble to retrieve items for you. Yes, you are the boss, my love, in so many ways 🙂

Socks are your archenemy – I put them on. You take them off. They make you scream, they make you a little crazy. Don’t worry, the flowers have popped in Vancouver, you’ll be rolling barefoot before you know it!

IMG_7905Food faves are about the same (seeing the cheese package come out of the fridge still elicits funny wheezing noises), except that we’ve added a few things to the mix. You like to munch on raw blueberries these days, cooked egg yolk, edamame, peas and buttery pasta. And the other day, in a moment of desperation at the grocery store, I gave you an entire apple to hold. I didn’t dream that you’d eat it, but that is what you did, tiny bite by tiny bite. And now you love to snack on apple slices, which has proved a great way to keep you entertained for a bit.

Up down, up down. It’s your go-to move. That and pushing a small chair around. We really must get you a walker because you just want to be upright all the time. And to get back down? The splits. Yes, you are very flexible.


Sleep is an area that I am almost afraid to write about. Because as soon as it’s good, things change and then I am back to being zombie mom. But at the risk of cursing it, it’s been okay lately. As in, on a good night, you’ll go to sleep without much fuss, and sleep twelve hours with one quick nurse in-between. Naps are usually pretty organized and you’ve been clocking some nice two hour naps here and there (yes!!!). The problem we ran into was that you were hit with cold after cold, then teething, then cold. So any type of routine and sleep training was out the door. Here’s hoping for a healthier, slightly less annoying February.

Hats off to you. Or more like Hats on you. Everything is a hat these days. Dishcloth? Hat. Sock? Hat. Diaper? Hat. You get the picture.

That tongue. It’s out all the time. As soon as you smile these days, that tongue is close behind. I think it’s too darn cute!


You have a voice, and boy (girl) do you like to be heard. Happy baby shrieks. All. Day. Long. Also, you are working on your “Yah, yah yah’s” which sounds a lot like your six year old sister…oh, and you called her the other day – “DJOO DJAAAA!” Those heart strings, you pull on them so! You just love her so much, even when she carries you around this place like you are her living doll. I hunch that dress-up is right around the corner. Get ready.


You and Daddy have some kind of inside jokes on the go. When you see each other it’s a like a giggle fest. And because he and you are such good buds now, he’s starting to do more of the bedtime routine, freeing me up to spend more time with your big sister, who reads (sorry to say) way cooler books than you do.


That’s it. We love you. You’re a bit of a pain in the butt sometimes. And we can’t get enough of you. Keep up the good work.







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