Ten Months Old

IMG_8142Baby J, you are ten months old already! I wish we could just pause here at this stage for a while, I really love it. You are so animated, curious and joyful. You babble non-stop, are always on the move and keep us all thoroughly entertained with your funny little personality. A few more things about you this month…

You have a lot to say these days and it finally feels like we are all starting to understand each other. Your go-to word is still “Yah” which comes in handy when I ask you, “J, would you like some lunch?” And you answer enthusiastically, “Yah!” It’s also funny when we tell your sister that she needs to eat her broccoli or wash her hands before dinner and  you chime in with, “Yah.” I don’t think you really understand what you are saying, but you seem to say it at the most appropriate times. Some other things you say: “Na Na” (banana), and the most exciting word – (you started saying just after my nine month post) “Ma Ma” – yes, that pretty much made my entire month. Funny how hearing that sweet sound just never gets old.

You continue to be an enthusiastic little eater and seem eager to try new things. Bold flavours don’t throw you off at all – we tried veggie chilli last night and you were all over it. Pesto pasta was a hit the other night as well. Other things you’ve been enjoying: Oranges, big hunks of cucumber, roasted cauliflower and apple cores – BUT cheese is still your ultimate favourite and, since you love it so much, we now have to spell it out or else you start shrieking (hyperventilating?) because you think that you are about to get some. I get it, cheese is pretty awesome.


And all that eating you’ve been doing just got way easier since you cut your two top teeth at the beginning of the month (you have four teeth now). And as cute as you look, I am reeeeeeally hoping that we have some reprieve from teething because the sleep deprivation thing is no fun at all – for a few weeks it felt like we were getting less sleep than newborn days. Ugh. And I think we were keeping Advil in business! Thankfully, we didn’t overdose you since the stuff we were giving you got recalled!


Now that those teeth have popped through it feels like we are finally getting back into some healthier sleeping habits (yay!!!) For the past week, you’ve been going to bed with zero fuss at around 6:30 p.m., and will sleep  eleven or twelve hours with just one feed in between (usually around 11:00, when I swear that you just sense that the milk bar is closing) so I really can’t complain about that. Naps are predictably pretty good. One at 9:00 a.m. and another at around 1:00 p.m. You don’t generally take any crazy long naps, but with warmer days around the corner, that suits me just fine.


Your crawling days are numbered. You are now furniture walking and spend most of your time on your tip toes, looking for small items your big sister may have left within reach – and everything she’s into these days is little (read: choking hazard) so I spend a lot of time chasing after you and moving your sister’s treasures out of reach.


And all that love we’ve been giving you? Well, you now give it back. You like to cuddle and hug and we can’t get enough of it.


Books are not just for eating anymore! You will actually listen, help turn pages, wear the book as a hat and giggle when I offer choices of books. Your current fave is called Who are you Baby by Mem Fox as well as Baby Beluga, which of course we sing – and you try to sing along too!


Happy and social are the two words that best describe you. Your doctor recently said “wow, she’s good for your self-esteem” since you smiled so widely at him at your last appointment. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that you are friendly to nearly everyone.


16 pounds 3 ounces is what you weighed last week. You have officially doubled your birth weight but still feel so little to me. I took you snowshoeing up at Cypress mountain last weekend and was thankful for your littleness. Because by the time you add a backpack, 16 pounds of baby, baby gear and lunch on your back then climb up hill, you start to work up a pretty good sweat. Oh, by the way, you loved it!

That’s all for now. xo


p.s. You still love rocking the leisure pose 🙂 aaaand, have I mentioned that I love your pudgy knees?

p.p.s. Your Dad thinks you need a hair cut but I just can’t. Sorry.

p.p.p.s – nine months, eight months, seven months, six months, five months, four months, three months, two months.  Wow.






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