Bath Time!

Bath time can bring laughter or tears around our place…it really depends on the night. If it’s a hair washing night (at least for the older one) it requires a lot of patience and I am pretty sure that we have partially given up.  We probably don’t wash her hair nearly as much as we should these days because sometimes the battle is simply not worth it. Parents of six-year-olds, you understand, right?  But getting to the bath is another story. The little one loves bath time so much that it’s turned into a bit of a thing. That is, we run the bath and then big sister shouts “Baaaaaath time!” and that baby J comes slapping down the hallway as fast as her pudgy little self can crawl, giggling and squealing the entire way. It’s ridiculously entertaining, at least for her parents and her sister, and I need to get a video of it one day soon before she starts walking.

IMG_8066IMG_8061IMG_8067  Long live sister baths on non-hair washing nights!


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