Eleven Months Old

IMG_8407Last year as we hunted for “wabbits” and searched for Easter eggs, you were known only as Pee Wee and closely resembled a basketball (protruding from my middle), so it feels a little crazy that now you are this amazing little human who loves to laugh, stuff cheese in her face and pull her sister’s hair. You are eleven months old and you have made this family feel complete. Here’s some more things about you this month…

Half baby, half bird: sometimes when you get super excited you flap your arms and look as if you might try to take flight.

And speaking of birds, you love them – seagulls in particular. Often we will slide your high chair over to the window to give you a front row seat to the seagulls that land on the light post outside of our apartment. We tell you it’s “your seagull,” as if only one exists in the world. Now we just need to take you to the beach and toss some french fries on the sand to really blow your mind.


We should really stop buying you toys and invest in more dishrags and hats. Those two items have proven to be more entertaining than anything else we own. On off, on off, the game doesn’t seem to get old. We tell you that you look “so pretty” when you wrap a dishrag on your head, and you smile wholeheartedly with pride. Another item that has recently popped onto your radar is keys. If you could please learn to talk soon and tell us where you stashed the keys to the office desk it would be much appreciated. Cool, thanks.


Your sister and I have given you a couple of nicknames recently. The first is chubba wubba (J is skinny mini and I think that the two together would be a great band name…) The other name is screeching halt, because that’s what you sound like somedays…you are not what you would call a quiet baby (does such a thing exist?)


Your hair! It’s starting to have hints of curls and after you wake up from a sweaty nap you have full on curls – it’s the cutest!


Hugs, hugs, hugs, you love to give ’em. You’ve become especially cuddly with your Dad, which is pretty much my favourite thing…the only thing better is when your big sister gets in on the cuddling action…then I am a pile of mush.


Your sister is the funniest person in the world. At least to you. Have I said this before? You just think she’s the cat’s p.j’s and she can make you belly laugh like no one else.


You are smart and a wee bit naughty – you know exactly which items are off-limits (usually because they belong to your sister) and you will take them and then look in her direction over and over again to see if you’ve been caught. I have to admit, I like your style.


As far as food goes, we are pretty much offering you everything these days. You’ve tried things that you probably should not have, at least according to baby books) but so far we’ve had no issues. Strawberries are a go, french fries were a hit and you did enjoy a little lick of ice cream recently. Your faves haven’t changed much, cheese, pasta, avocado, oatmeal and bananas (which you call for enthusiastically, “NANANA”). Peas and beans seem to have fallen out of favour.


Some other fun things:

You make the funniest little expression, crinkle your nose and make this little sniffing sound that always makes us laugh. Even cuter when you and your sister do it while facing each other.

You like music and happily bop along to anything with a beat. You are no stranger to AC/DC and I can see you and your sister having some serious rock-out sessions in the near future…

You can stand on your own for a few seconds until you realize that you are not holding onto anything and then collapse on the ground. I’m sure by my next post you will be taking some steps! We didn’t bother getting a walker for you but you seem to know how to push chairs and tables around quite effectively – way to improvise 🙂

Recently, you started doing what essentially looks like a downward dog. Once in position you pop up and down quickly and nearly get your chubby legs off the ground. Maybe there is something to mom and baby yoga…we should sign up!

You can sleep for eleven or twelve hours straight. Let me be clear: you can and do -just not consistently because we have had the worst luck with colds, flus and teething that it’s become  a bit of a joke – I am so tired some days that I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror, but two cups of coffee and it’s away we go. Despite being crazy tired, you make me smile and fill my bucket each and every day.


Lately you have been a fussy little barnacle baby, insomuch as you really would rather be in my arms at all times. Judging by the drool, the bite marks on the side of your crib, and the frequent night wakings, I’d say that more teeth are on the way. Teething really is no fun. For anyone.


Larry. Do you remember when your Dad gave you that nickname, because of your funny comb over? Well, you have been making some pretty funny little old man expressions as of late and it never fails to make us laugh. Then you laugh because we are laughing. Thank you for letting us laugh at you, Larry. You are a good sport!


I can hardly believe that only one last little post remains to complete a year of monthly updates… Get ready for cake, chubba wubba…xo


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