Lighthouse Park


These photos are from last weekend when we packed a little lunch and took a trip over to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. J and Daddy had been before but it was my first time and I was thankful for the change of scenery plus a bit of exercise. On the way to the lighthouse, I had baby J strapped to my back, which felt like a bit of a workout, especially since I have not entirely incorporated exercise back into my life since having baby J. But I love that feeling when you have to push yourself a bit and the good muscle soreness the day after a workout, here’s hoping that becomes a thing in my life again sometime soon. Anyhow, a few photos 🙂

IMG_8566J brought along her notepad and was busy sketching the trees, birds, the lighthouse, she really takes her artwork serious these days and I love seeing how inspired she gets.

IMG_8569IMG_4267IMG_4268This photo scares me a bit because it looks like she could go over at any moment. But I swear it wasn’t that bad.

IMG_8572IMG_4274Little rock-hopper (still with notepad in hand)

IMG_8582 We picked this flat-ish spot for lunch since baby J wants to be everywhere these days and we thought it would be wise to stay away from any steep drop offs, you know, being good parents and all 🙂

IMG_4264IMG_4275See that kiwi in that fat baby’s hands? She ate the entire thing…I mean, fuzzy skin and all. I guess I could have stopped her but we were all just a little surprised and rather entertained by it. Good to know that I don’t need to worry about chopping kiwis into cubes any longer.

IMG_4278Current soundtrack = uuuuuummmmm….UUUUMMMMM (courtesy of baby J)

IMG_4281These chips were yummy, and we had to share with that baby because she is on to us and knows that we eat tastier things than she does.


IMG_8590As you can see, I traded off the 17 pounder on the rebound, which my neck and back thanked me for.

Being outdoors, having lunch by the ocean and a bit of exercise made for a pretty great family afternoon. Looking forward to more days like this now that spring is here!


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