Abbotsford Tulip Festival

IMG_8767I have a somewhat fuzzy memory of being a little girl, perhaps around the same age as J is now, pulling an old wagon around our neighbourhood, while collecting as many different flowers as I could stuff in that wagon. The only problem with my mission that day was that I was pinching the flowers from my neighbour’s gardens….without permission. Of course, at that age, it was an innocent act, and likely a valuable learning lesson. I can’t entirely recall if I got busted by one of the neighbours, or went to show my mom and then promptly had to return to each neighbour, fess up to my petty theft and offer an apology. Both scenarios seem pretty feasible. In any case, looking at the photo of J above, elbow deep in tulips, brought back that memory for me and I hope that J will look back one day and remember the day that we visited the tulip festival on a pro D day. She was so thrilled about going, and even more thrilled that there was a section where you can pick your own tulips…and NOT get into any trouble. Plus, it was fun to meet up with my sister (who will make me a first-time auntie soon!) and my dear friend and her wee ones. And now…a million pictures, or like fifty, because it was really something special to be surrounded by so many flowers and so much colour. Also, the sun was shining bright so I couldn’t entirely tell if the photos were working or not (since I had sunglasses on and a baby attached to me). Anyhow, if you like loads of tulips, cute kids, pregnant ladies and mamas, then do keep scrolling…

IMG_8744IMG_8638IMG_8709IMG_8675IMG_4374IMG_8685IMG_8712IMG_8739IMG_4366IMG_8653IMG_8732IMG_8651IMG_8724IMG_8743IMG_8668IMG_8703IMG_8731IMG_4362IMG_8730IMG_8685IMG_8704IMG_4348IMG_8757IMG_8683IMG_8766IMG_8706IMG_8760IMG_8645IMG_8640IMG_8745IMG_4378IMG_8682IMG_8758IMG_8633IMG_4358IMG_4367IMG_8643IMG_8696IMG_8656IMG_4375IMG_4352IMG_8701IMG_8731IMG_4357IMG_8634IMG_8718IMG_8677 Well, that was a happy way to spend a Monday. Something about walking through fields of flowers just sets a nice tone for the week…a week that might be filled with friendly reminders about which flowers we are and are not allowed to pick 🙂  xo


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