Twelve Months Old…One!

Baby J, you are One! And more of a toddler than a baby, plus it’s mind boggling how quickly that year zoomed by. It was a happy, frustrating, laughter-filled, sleepless, fun but exhausting as hell, crazy-wonderful year. And we loved you from the moment that you were born, but a year later it’s amazing how you are fully and completely sewn into the fabric of our family. A few photos of sweet little you…

IMG_8815IMG_8857IMG_8809IMG_8842IMG_8813IMG_8864IMG_8859And now, the very last update from your first year 🙂

You can stand well all on your own and even managed a couple of steps the other day! But you are such an efficient little crawler that you quickly drop to the ground and boogie off.

You love to “caw caw” at all birds and “boof boof” at dogs and other various animals – it’s pretty awesome.

Music is kind of a big deal to you and when you hear it you shake your head from side to side and bop along or bounce up and down to the beat.

You like to clap (especially when you’ve been given something to eat that you approve of), wave and shake your head when we ask you questions. This stage is so darn cute!

You love to tussle with your Dad. The other day he set up a cushion fun-zone in the living room and you decided that summersaulting off of the couch was the most fun you’ve ever had. We might be in a bit of trouble once you figure out how to climb up on the couch.

You have been pretty pro at sleeping lately and I hope you keep it up. You seldom wake-up in the middle of the night anymore, and when you do you can usually fall back asleep without assistance. So…if I can just figure out how to sleep through the night myself then we’ll all be laughing!

As far as food goes, if we are eating it, you want it. This includes pizza, potato chips, quesadillas and all other tasty treats. You continue to be obsessed with fruit but oranges are on the top of your list. You haven’t entirely figured out how to keep your mouth closed when you eat them so it ends up being a rather messy, definitely sticky affair.

Shrieking, ah, yes, you are loud. You like to be heard and we have established that your pipes are in good working order. I don’t see any restaurant meals with you in the near future, especially since you like to rub your hands through your hair once you’ve finished your dinner. It’s a slick look.

Smiles and giggles. You share ’em with everyone and crane your neck out of your stroller to greet new people as we walk around the neighbourhood. You are also big into high fives and nose pulling (picking) too.

Diaper changes are pretty much my least favourite thing these days since you are not super willing to sit still and try to backflip your way out of ever diaper change. I have managed to play a little game that sort of helps: I put sunglasses on you, and then you poke me in the eye and put them on me. Whatever works.

You and your sister are still good buds…most days. You drive her a little crazy sometimes when you rip her artwork and knock over things she is building. Then she drives you crazy by holding you too tight or teasing you with things you can’t have. But when it comes right down to it, you think she is the coolest and she adores you. You shout for her when she’s not around, you giggle together, feed each other and share lots of kisses. We also recently started having the two of you sleep in the same room and, I must say, waking up in the morning, hearing you two chatting with each other is like magic. Which is good, because you girls exhaust me and a little magic is what I need to get through some days. That and perhaps a little red wine.

I think that about covers it. Happy Birthday, little one, we love you… xo



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