Celebrating One


IMG_8893IMG_8883Baby J turned One last week and in my mind, I just had a baby, just. Maybe it’s like that for all moms with their second babies. The year went incredibly fast and I am so glad that I documented the months because honestly, it’s a bit of a blur. One of my friends commented exuberantly, “you made it through the first year!” I guess that’s true, I did. But I don’t want to think of it like that. I want to celebrate the tiny moments and hold them dear to my heart: the first smiles and baths, the happy baby cooing sounds, the long nursing sessions, and the delightful expressions of sampling first foods. Those are the things that motherhood is made of. The salt of the earth. Yes, there’s the long, oh so long, nights, endless diaper changes and the naps not taken. There’s crying (both mom and baby), dirty hair, uneventful meals, and a home begging to be cleaned. But if I focused on those things alone then I’d miss out on the bits that truly matter. I am not saying I always focused on the good things. No, no. But what I choose to remember and cherish are those wonderful beginnings, the first days and months where a new little person entered our world and carved out a special spot in our family and our hearts.

The photos below are from two separate days, because we celebrated baby J’s birthday proper (which was a Wednesday), and then hosted a little celebration at Grandma’s place on Saturday…in other words, get ready to scroll 🙂

IMG_8925Daddy and J picked up a crazy-delicious looking (full sugar!) cupcake from the cupcake shop, which provided most of the entertainment for the evening. I was actually a little surprised by the amount of it baby J ate, although she was very kind and fed some to her sister and me. I think it was red velvet with buttercream and caramel? So good!

IMG_8928IMG_8931IMG_8936IMG_8941She had so much icing up her nose that I was a tiny bit worried, but, as you can see, she was clearly unfazed by it.

IMG_8942IMG_8943My plan re: gifts this year was to buy a book or two, knowing that gifts are not big on a one year old’s radar. But when I was buying the books from Dilly Dally kids, I happened to look up and see a giant wooden seagull suspended from the ceiling and, given baby J’s penchant for seagulls (and all winged things), I couldn’t resist.

IMG_8897IMG_8898IMG_8911IMG_8902IMG_8917Still more interested in the box…maybe once it’s hanging over her crib it will be a bigger hit…


Shortly after we allowed our one year old to eat 90% of a chocolate, sugar bomb cupcake we bathed her and put her to bed. She went straight to sleep and slept the entire night until after six the next morning. Hmmmm. Chocolate cupcakes every night?

Fast forward to Saturday and we are back into party mode.

IMG_9190Grandma bought this wagon from Costco, and so before most of the guests arrived, J was being paraded around with her crown on, balloon attached to wagon and baby sister in hot pursuit.

IMG_7327IMG_7317I love this picture of Great Grandpa (Poppa) and Baby J because I have a very similar one of him with J when she was a tiny baby.

IMG_7362IMG_7345The only other baby in attendance was baby H, who is just five weeks younger than baby J. It’s been so entertaining watching these two over the past year and a bit turn from bump to babbling baby…and I imagine them as best buds down the road, the girls keeping the other cousins in line 🙂

IMG_7301IMG_9201The chapeau that lasted approximately three seconds.



The couple behind most of the photography for the evening – such a treat to put the camera down but still have some photos to remember the night. Thanks, guys!


Crazy to think that in a few weeks my sister will be a mama and I will be a first time Auntie! Can’t wait!

IMG_7360Great Grandma, always smiling.

IMG_7365The evening’s entertainment was brought to us by Grandma and J…”Aaaaad UP COMES THE SUN!”


Almost didn’t want to post this picture because I’m still a bit bummed with the way this silly cake turned out. I thought I’d try to avoid sugar and picked a recipe that used bananas and honey instead of sugar. Result? Total flop. If I’d only scrolled to the recipe comments, I would have known to avoid the recipe. But, the good news is that baby J didn’t really care. She would have no doubt been pleased with simply blueberries. * future mothers, take note!


Baby’s breath…not food 🙂 Life lessons here, people.


She loves to feed me. Or anyone, she’s not picky. But I really love it. Unless it’s previously chewed food.

IMG_7393IMG_9229IMG_9242 Eighteen years to go 🙂

IMG_9260IMG_9227First wobbly steps were taken during birthday week, as if she were like, hey, I’m nearly one now, let’s DO THIS!

IMG_7333IMG_7444We popped outside for a quick mama and babies shot because we have bump shots together and it’s been fun to document these growing girls.

IMG_7451IMG_9255And that’s a wrap! Happy Birthday, Baby J, Chubba Wubba, JoJo. We love you!

p.s. J’s first birthday! 



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