I remember the moment when we told J that she would be a big sister. We brought her to our ultrasound appointment and asked her what she saw on the screen. She stared at it for a while and then slowly answered, “a baaaaby?!” She was so visibly thrilled, which added to our excitement, and was exactly the reaction we were hoping for. After our ultrasound we took her for  a burger and a milkshake, where she spoke enthusiastically of sharing clothes and bedrooms and how she would care for this new little person. She was also adamant that she wanted a sister, telling us as if we had any choice in the matter. But as luck would have it, her wish came true. And even though there are days when she thinks that being a big sister has some serious drawbacks, and that being a little sister is somehow more desirable, the love that those sisters share is so special, so huge and so tangible, and, above all else, a gift that she won’t fully understand for some years to come.  And it’s been my absolute pleasure to watch as their relationship grows and the sisterly bond strengthens: the way that they giggle with each other, the way baby J pursues her big sister and tries to mimic the things she does, how they feed each other, even the way they get under each other’s skin, it’s all so…so sisterly.

Below is a twelve month roundup of my favourite sister moments, or at least the ones that I have caught on camera. I love these girls beyond measure.

IMG_9535IMG_9453IMG_9473IMG_9733IMG_97922015-05-24 09.45IMG_9938IMG_0271IMG_1158IMG_1704IMG_1552IMG_0864IMG_1183IMG_1958IMG_1665IMG_6838IMG_2927IMG_4113IMG_8553IMG_8803IMG_4114IMG_4286IMG_8777IMG_8890

Well, that’s enough to make me feel a bit weepy… I love these two so much, and even more as a duo! xo


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