A Cousin!

Late June we welcomed a new little boy into our family, the very first cousin for J and Baby J and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Seeing him and holding him makes all those lovely new baby feelings come rushing back and for a few moments I think that we should have another baby. Then I talk to my sister about the sleepless nights and bouts of endless crying and I think, no, a cousin is perfect. It’s time to play the auntie card and soak in all the sweetness that comes with the territory. And my first auntie job was to shoot some photos of the little dude and his doting parents. I was so bummed that I didn’t do any newborn photos with my two and so I jumped on the opportunity to capture my fresh out of the oven nephew. Those squishy, sweet smelling, innocent days, don’t you just wish you could bottle up? They are gold. Anyhow, enough about that. Here’s a handful of photos from our day in early July.

IMG_0073IMG_0089IMG_0140IMG_9981IMG_9937IMG_0012IMG_9948IMG_0030IMG_9941IMG_9940IMG_9999IMG_9968IMG_9933IMG_0123IMG_0008IMG_0126IMG_0122IMG_0023IMG_0031Oh, man, that boy is dreamy! And before I wrap this post up I have to share a little side story from the day after he was born. I was so excited to tell J she had a cousin, and when I did, she asked excitedly, “is it a girl?!” Well, when I broke the news that no, she had a boy cousin, she stomped her foot and said something like, “but I wanted a girl!” As if I has some say in the matter. Well, as you can see from the photos, she quickly got over it and jumped right into her new big cousin role and it was the sweetest.

Oh, and by the way, his name also starts with a J so this blog is about to get super confusing, haha. I guess we’ll call him cousin J.



2 thoughts on “A Cousin!

  1. He is just the sweetest thing! You sure caught some amazing moments πŸ™‚ ________________________________

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