Basket & Bonnet

IMG_0182A few weeks ago, baby J and I went for walk around the park, admiring the flowers and greenery and finding all sorts of natural bits and pieces to put in her basket…then take out…then put back in. All the while sampling said bits and pieces, testing for edible qualities (her, not me). Only to later on abandon the lot, plus the basket, in pursuit of something cooler and newer. This age and stage is a funny one, so much fearless exploration and trial and error. Part of me really likes it and the other part is a little terrified and grossed out by all the things that go into that little mouth. But at least baby J is getting better at showing me the things that she’s found before eating them. Like the (kind of) alive giant beetle that she proudly presented to me  the other day, giving me a near heart attack. That said, I have become a little more relaxed about letting her sample things, letting her know that it’s “not food” but then letting her assess on her own (as long as it’s not dangerous). Maybe it’s because she’s a second child? Is that what happens? Parents fret about their first and then loosen up when baby number two rolls around? Or is it just that second children have twice as tired and busy parents, and just don’t get the same helicopter action as the first?  Anyhow, it’s fun to watch toddlers explore and observe as they learn about the world around them. Here’s a handful of photos of our little toddler doing just that.


Here’s hoping all this practice putting things in and out of a basket will be come in handy next month when she’s a flower girl 🙂


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