Our first family camping trip…

img_5318img_5343img_6700img_6698Well, now that it’s officially fall, I decided that it’s time to update this blog of mine. This summer was the busiest that I can remember, because…because two kids! And now let me digress for a moment to say to my friend who told me that the jump from one to two kids was not that crazy…Uh, friend, I love you. But you were wrong. Sooooo wrong. Two is two times as busy: two times as much laundry, two times as much noise, two times as much food prep, two butts and faces to scrub… You feel me?! But friend, it’s worth it. 100% – I’m not trading these kids in. Never. Although we do joke about trading them in for quieter ones. Ones that listen better, make less mess, smell better. But no. We’ll keep these ones, they’re pretty cool. And now back to my regular (not so regular) scheduled post….Ah, yes, summer. It was a good one. We went camping and took the big guy (first time everrrrrr!) But let me be real and just ask – is it truly camping if you are sleeping in a trailer? You be the judge. Also, I’d like to point out that we took a toddler camping (or whatever you want to call it) which, in hindsight was not our smartest move, and while the pictures might look like we were relaxing, trust me, we were NOT. Not until that toddler was in bed at least. I mean, if you were to play a game show and the question was, “name some things that might be dangerous for a toddler,” I’m pretty sure a few top answers might be: rocks, deep water and fire. So, yeah, we went camping. Enjoy.

img_0260img_0275img_0334Oh, look, it’s the book that I totally did not read. At least not while camping!

img_0285img_0283Homemade marshmallow sticks. Not toddler friendly.

img_0281This kid was having a blast…something about coming and going as you please, being a little bit dirty all the time, and having your parents say “yes” to almost everything is reason enough to love camping as a kid.

img_0340img_0263My sister, her fiance, and my three-week-old nephew showed up for the day – total troopers. I remember the gong show involved in getting a small baby out the door in those early days. SO. MUCH.WORK. But they came, they saw. And then I told them that we would not be camping with them next year. Because…toddler. Heh heh. Not joking.

img_5435Momentary baby fever. Momentary.

img_6682And the parenting award goes to….T-tex! Don’t worry, the car didn’t go anywhere.

img_0246img_0257img_6684img_0355img_0405Nothing beats camping food. Although it was a divide and conquer kind of operation. One adult kept the small child from drowning and the other made the food for the team. Hoping if we keep watching enough little kids top chef that next year J will be all over the meals 🙂


We’ve been playing cards with J since that first year camping, and while she doesn’t love losing (who does?), she is starting to understand the concept of you win some, you lose some. And also, sometimes your parents aren’t paying attention and you can totally cheat.


After a couple of days of camping we decided to swing over and check out the amusement park for the afternoon. Some pics…

img_0426img_0418img_0427img_0468img_0441img_0431img_0434img_0343img_6687img_6688img_5324Dad’s packing list: slingshot, spyglass and pocket knife. To do list: find heart shape rocks.

img_0496J met some kids around her age and they became fast friends. I really like the way that kids are like, “hey you’re a kid and I’m a kid, we should totally hang out”. The criterion is so simple. Adults, not so much.

img_0498My sneaking up skills could use some improvement.

img_0488That time I thought I might dive off the end of a downed tree, but then got to the end and the old lifeguard in me wondered if it was deep enough. The chicken in me worried about the weed situation, and the mom in me decided that it was plain too much work to dry my hair afterwards. And it really wasn’t that warm. Excuses. I know.

img_0414Every kid has to have a sink bath once, right? And I love that big sis was right there to document.

img_6694Low clouds, wild flowers and a quiet calm lake. Just so pretty.

img_0298Poor baby J had a tumble and we ended up with a doozy of a cut on her face. So sad but I think I was more upset than she was. She was so brave and it really didn’t faze her after the first couple of minutes. Toddlers really do need to cruise around in one of those transparent hamster balls. So many injuries would be avoided.

img_0300img_0316img_0293img_0323Look, Ma! I made it out of the four foot hollow log! And a star is born…

img_0308photo by big sis!

img_0342working on some candy while Dad collects stuff to make a fire.

img_0377If there’s something we do well, it’s Margaritas. Always shaken, never frozen.

img_0383Even J will agree that the virgin ones are not the worst 🙂 Baby J was still at the chewing on limes stage. And in this picture was not a happy camper (wink) to be relegated to her playpen. But, ahem…rocks, deep water and fire.

img_0398Daddy taking  a picture of me taking a picture of baby J on the rocks.

img_0397img_0392img_5371Little sausage toes. And in the background a buoyed milk jug to toss rocks at.

img_5418img_5382Because we are people who stick to our kids’ bedtimes pretty rigidly, we don’t often take in sunsets at this stage in the game. So it’s a bit of a treat to see one every now and again.

img_6691One night my husband told J that she could eat “all the marshmallows” – ha, turns out that not even a six-year-old with a pretty intense sweet tooth can make that happen. J admitted defeat after three or four s’mores. And on a s’mores note: golden brown or burnt? I like mine golden brown!

img_0360With a lot of persuasion, this girl accepted a lesson from her mother. It really has been like pulling teeth to get her to ride, even after bike camp last summer. But we are not giving up. I say you have to learn how to ride a bike. Can you imagine how hard it would be to learn as an adult?!

img_0364She fights it, but look at the smile on her little face! And, yes, her bike is too small for her. She has since been upgraded to a big girl bike.

img_0403Yes, we’ll keep them…

img_0339Okay, this might be my favourite photo from the trip. I was standing beside the trailer window, where baby J was having her naps, and decided to try to peer in to see if she was sleeping. Well, clearly the answer was no. When I put my hands to the glass I came face to face with baby J and it kind of startled me for moment. She’d been standing there quietly watching us, likely thinking how great it was that she had a nap time view. Haha. So pulling the trailer curtains open and shouting at us from inside became a bit of a thing. She was pretty proud of herself.

img_0374And a little reflection shot is always a good idea. There’s actually three of us here.


Phew…a good few days. Not relaxing, but good. I have the best memories of camping when I was a kid. I want my kids to have those kind of memories too. We’ll go again. Maybe Daddy will join us. We’ll see…


p.s. first camping trip with J. & another fun camping trip  & okay, I guess we really do love to camp





3 thoughts on “Our first family camping trip…

  1. Fabulous blog! That looked like a fantastic camping trip!!

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  2. Love these pics and stories! I know how you feel about the “not relaxing” part, but isn’t it funny how you forget all the exhausting, annoying stuff when you look back on your pictures even a year later? Imagine how rosy it’s all going to look when the girls are crazy teens!

    1. So true, Devon 🙂 I guess that’s why people keep having kids! They forget how much work (wonderful work) they are, haha. I can imagine we’ll be like most old people who look wistfully at children and reminisce about the good ol’ days.

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