The Cabin at Mayne

Playing a bit of catch up over here on the blog. Or is it catch up on life. Yes, that’s it. I think it will be like that for a while so I’m trying to get used to it. At this rate I should have summer photos posted by next year. Haha, anyhow, I shouldn’t waste time on writing too much at this stage in the game…so without further ado, The Cabin at Mayne!

img_0633img_0637img_0632I’ve been visiting this humble cabin for over ten years now, which feels like a good stretch of time. But my husband celebrated his second birthday at the cabin, so he’s the true Mayne Island veteran. I think it’s pretty neat that our kids get to enjoy a place steeped in family history and full of decades of memories. And I sometimes wonder if ‘big H’ ever imagined his great grandchildren playing on that same bluff, however many years ago as the log cabin started coming to life. I’d like to think so.

img_5822Always searching for heart shaped rocks and pirate glass. Always.


img_0636I love how goofy these two can get with each other. They feed off of each other and it’s something that I hope will always be there: that sibling connection and the innate ability to crack each other up. It just makes me so happy.

img_0624And speaking of goofy…amazing how little people come into this world with a built-in personality. The short one below is here to remind us not to take life too seriously, or something like that.

img_0626img_0664img_0644img_0665img_0676img_0657img_0661img_0653img_0719img_0641img_0639img_0715img_0727img_0726img_0730img_0744My crazy husband got up to see the sun rise. I like early mornings, but come on! Glad he snapped these photos though 🙂

img_0747img_0683img_5881img_0682img_5860img_0698img_0701img_6132img_0681img_5889Father of girls. Ha ha. Somehow this always makes me laugh. I do feel a bit sorry for any boys who may be in our future.

img_5870img_0722img_0710img_0802img_0805img_0765img_0761img_0773img_0786img_0711img_0679img_0677img_0680img_0794img_5898img_0788img_0750img_0753img_0754img_5924img_0819On the last day of our stay we were lucky enough to overlap with cousins who were setting up shop at the cabin for a week. As you can see, baby H has totally got the swing of island life figured out. We should all take notes.


Thanks, Mayne, always a  good time!

p.s. Fun to look back at a previous trip to Mayne here.




5 thoughts on “The Cabin at Mayne

  1. Thanks for sharing these Connie! I love seeing the fouth generation enjoying Mayne with their folks!! Please thank Colin for the dawn shots, lovely. Hugs, Marg

    1. My pleasure, Marg 🙂 It was such a lovely time, thanks again! I’ll pass that along to Colin for sure – I would love to be up to take early morning shots, but I’m more of a late morning person as opposed to the crack of dawn kind of person…xo

  2. What a beautiful place you have on Mayne Island. And it is obvious that your girls and yourselves have a good time there. You capture the moments of joy so well and I almost feel as though I am there with you. Thank you for sharing, Connie. Love Marci

    1. We are for sure lucky that it’s remained in family hands after all these years. The girls had so much fun and I loved that they could come and go outside as they pleased…something they don’t get often with apartment living.

      Thanks for your kind comment, Auntie Marcy, I’m finding it harder to lug around my big camera with two kids but it definitely captures nicer moments…xo

  3. Cousin Connie ~ Always so inspired by your world. Especially love the photographs of Julia in the light with her doll & also, the deer bike! Good news is, we are pregnant after all, due in July. ox Catriona

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