October Roundup

img_1345Hey there, it’s November. And suddenly we are trading in our skeletons for Santas, our crispy crunch for candy canes and our Thriller for O Tannenbaum. And I’m over here still pulling down cob webs and erasing pumpkins off the chalkboard. Like, waaaaait, pump the brakes, it was just Halloween for Pete’s sake! Let’s just all take a deep breath, enjoy November and give it a wee rest. I still haven’t even caught up with summer stuff so how can I possibly jump into sleigh bell mode yet? This coming from a girl who loves Christmas more than almost any other month. So…about those pumpkins!

img_1309A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Aldor Acres with Auntie C and Baby JW. J was home for a pro-D day and we thought it was the perfect day to go. And it actually was, weather wise. It had been non-stop raining and we happened to go during a couple hour dry spell. Us and every other man, woman, baby and child. Guess we were all full of good ideas that day.

img_1327img_1341img_1286img_1301img_1387img_7590Nothing like a fresh, country air diaper change 🙂 We like to keep things classy.


img_1391In my totally unbiased opinion, I have the cutest nephew. Ever!

img_7598Going on a tractor ride through the patch.

img_1346img_7631img_7620We ended up bringing home a tiny pumpkin because I haven’t figured out how to balance a toddler on one hip and a pumpkin on the other…

img_7711…but I have sort of figured out how to keep three children contained for as long as it takes to snap a photo.

img_1385img_7668My little pumpkin sitting on a pumpkin.

img_7606In love with his happy little face!

img_1394If it’s got a steering wheel, chances are that’s where you will find baby J. Maybe a trip to the Indy 500 with Grandpa is in order?


img_1378Haha, this was my favourite from the day.

img_7674The rain actually started as soon as we were ready to leave and I was lucky to have a quiet ride home with two sleeping girls in the back of the car.

img_1593We didn’t carve until closer to Halloween but this was the first year that J was able to participate a bit more with the carving process…Can you guess which one is hers?


img_1634And here we have a dog and a cat getting along famously! Can you believe it? Actually, J really wanted her little sister to be a can of tuna this year, and I started searching on Pinterest trying to get ideas, but just couldn’t imagine how that costume would come together. At least not in a way that baby J wouldn’t rip it off. Maybe next year I’ll become craftier.

img_1627Woof! It’s a “roggy” (baby J’s word for doggy)

img_1624img_1654After this photo I quickly took a trip to the drug store to get a thin pencil for whiskers. I can’t see any face painting in my future. But J was okay with it.

img_7967I had a few takers…

img_1660img_7992The dog drinks a lot of milk these days. I can’t buy it fast enough!

img_8006Heading out for trick or treating! The cat was so excited, dancing through the streets to ghostbusters and smiling from whisker to whisker. The dog was a little new to the game and decided to just fill up the cat’s bag…to which the cat replied MEEOOOOWWW!

img_8026Daddy did not get the animal theme memo. However, next year we do have an idea…says the girl who was getting her panties in a knot over too-early Christmas prep…but how cute would it be if we had a bee keeper, a flower, a pot of honey and a honey bee?! I have 11 months to convince my husband to get on this train so I am feeling hopeful. Okay, now cue the Jingle bells!

p.s once upon a pumpkin patch and a serious throwback 


3 thoughts on “October Roundup

  1. Gorgeous shots Connie and wonderful captions as always, makes me feel like I was there! Totally agree about trying to just enjoy November for now!!!

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