The “ahem” North Pole

img_8885 Hello! Tomorrow is the first day in the New Year! And it’s been perhaps the fastest year of my life…two kids, I’m looking at you! But it’s been a great year, a year with many fun times and, perhaps, even more challenging times, again, two kids, wink wink. But it’s a ride that I am grateful to be on and these children have taught be more about myself than I’d ever known before. I am forever thankful to be a mother and a wife (most days) and to live in a beautiful city where we can adventure, where I feel safe and am surrounded by loving family and friends.

So, before this year draws to a close here’s a few of my favourite photos from a recent adventure up to the “North Pole” aka Grouse Mountain. It’s a family tradition of ours and probably my favourite part of the Christmas season. Somehow the combination of the snow (if we’re lucky), crisp mountain air and hot chocolate just sets the tone for a wonderfully festive season.

img_1845I remember the first year we went and little J told everyone she’d gone to the “North Pole.” We didn’t have the heart to tell her otherwise and so it has remained the “North Pole” ever since.

img_8859This year was extra special because it was the first year that my sweet little nephew joined in on the fun. He was good as gold and fit right in with our little elf crew!

img_1835There’s my twinkly-eyed sister with her first time mama glow 🙂

img_1833So excited to have cousin J along for the ride!

img_1873We like to show up right before Santa’s workshop opens so the kids don’t have to wait to long.

img_1847Of course, there are things to do while we wait for Santa to show…


img_1864…such as toss snowballs at your Grandma and little sister…perhaps not the best way to stay on the “nice list”.


img_8863img_1875J’s excitement was palpable…little J, not so much. Next year!

img_8865The cutest moments with Santa. Little J was bit unsure but no tears, and I adore the expression on J’s face when she spoke with Santa.

img_1853img_1855img_8872img_8892img_1893img_8937Sisters and one sleeping elf baby

img_1903family photo fail #1…


…and here’s number 2!

img_1867img_0331img_1922img_1956Head first?! No thanks, I’ll leave that move to my husband. I got going too fast and gave myself a face wash when I hit the brakes with my feet, that was enough excitement for me.

img_1887img_1937People who get beautiful family photos…how?!!!! Mission impossible these days.

img_1945That missing tooth smile, it’s my favourite!

img_1929img_1933J is all about funny faces these days, I think it’s a very (almost) seven-year old thing to do, at least that’s what I tell myself.

img_8898This is right about the time when little J started to fade. We showed up on the mountain when she’d normally be going down for her nap. No tears but just a bit of a sleepy head. We’d barely made it off the gondola before both girls fell fast asleep.


Homeward bound as the sun set, what a treat to show up on a clear sky day! The views were sweeping and it was quite spectacular seeing the city and park illuminated below at sundown. Always good times up at the “ahem” North Pole 🙂

Catch you later, 2016, it was a wonderfully busy year that I’ll always cherish always.

P.S. past visits to Grouse here and here 


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