A letter to our Two year old

IMG_2689Happy birthday to you, I can’t believe you are two! I barely know how we got here since it was a second ago that you were born. But since that night that we welcomed you to the world our life has been forever better. You are a true delight, a happy little soul with eyes that smile and giggles can turn my day around. When you get up in the morning you have a mess of tangled curls and a mouthful of teeth that form into the cutest grin, while telling your dad and me “I had good sleep!” You are daring, brave and resilient, nothing keeps you down and you seem to look at the world with innate optimism. We’ve had the worst spring (weather wise) that I can remember and you’ll often look outside at a downpour of rain and exclaim, “it’s a wery (very) nice day!” You truly see the world through rose-coloured glasses, are quick to smile or even give hugs to a complete stranger, who will gladly accept your free hugs and tell me how you’ve made their day. You are independent and feisty and aren’t afraid to speak of injustices if something is taken away from you.  And speak you do, your vocabulary is substantial. You say things like “mommy, don’t put my coat on” and, “we go bike ride now on my little bike?” And speaking of bikes, they are still your thing, you love to bike ride, so the other day your dad picked you up a pink strider (he assures me that it’s a strong pink, so don’t worry) and I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m chasing you down the street. Another thing that you love is to sing. You have your faves, like skinnamarink (you say it like this “slinky slinky”) and Mr. Sun, but you are no stranger to pop music, thanks to your sweet big sister, and happily chime in to Don’t wanna know and think that every female vocalist is Lady Gaga. There’s just a lot to love about you and love you we do! You add a bit of comedy, a ton of mess and healthy dose of pizzaz to our life. My wish for you on your birthday is that you will continue to grow into a kind, loving, open-hearted little girl, always willing to see the good in people and the world around you. Thank you for being you. You spark so much joy, little one…xo

Here’s a few photos from your birthday morning under the blossoms in Stanley Park.


P.S. you’ve been telling everyone that “In April, I two! and “I eat cake” – well today is the day, and, yes, my love, you will eat cake!

P.P.S – When you turned one!  and party time last year!




3 thoughts on “A letter to our Two year old

  1. What a delightful post for a delightfully happy and joyful little girl. Well said Connie. What a wonderful memory for Josie.

  2. She is just the sweetest…love that you have this letter for her to read later! Happy Birthday Josephine 🙂

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