Baby J and I spent a special afternoon at the Abbotsford Tulip festive this week and it was like a little dose of happy medicine. I love getting flowers, so walking through fields of them was all kinds of good. And since the days of sunshine in Vancouver have been so few and far in between I felt a little bit lucky to end up there on a day filled with glorious sunshine! Wanna see some pics of a million tulips and the sweetest little flower picker? Keep scrolling…

IMG_2791IMG_2765IMG_2539IMG_2763IMG_2565This puddle was pretty much calling out to baby J – “just come kneel in me…that’s it, closer, closer, perfect.” So, if anyone out there is contemplating going, do yourself a big favour and a) don’t wear white and b) don’t wear white. Ha. Oh, and c) avoid heels, yes, there were a few pairs of those kicking around.

IMG_2778all the heart eyes for this picture.

IMG_2576Eeek! she’s about the same height as the flowers. Toddlers and tulips…(insert Julie Andrews voice here) these are a few of my favourite things!!!

IMG_2582Because you can’t go frolicking in the tulips without a little smooch, can you?



And now I will show you what happens when you wear white to a tulip field when there’s been more rain than sunshine…


Yup. Nice knowing you, stockings.

IMG_2816IMG_2811IMG_2770IMG_2602IMG_2615When can I move in?!


She was a tiny bit obsessed with this saddle. Funny because she despises the hobby horse we have at home, won’t let it near her. But no horse, no problem!


Such a lovely day. Totally worth the drive to take in the colour in the country! Also, we met a kind lady there who snapped this photo of the two of us and offered to email it to me. As luck would have it she is a photographer…thanks, Shannon!


p.s. a look at last year’s trip to the tulip festival.







3 thoughts on “BLOOM

  1. Dad also says that that is an absolutely beautiful photo of you that the photographer took.


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