Here’s the quick rundown:

Me: I am the Mom.  I am the multitasker, the nurturer, the dreamer (and sometimes procrastinator). Things that make me tick: my funny husband, my sweet six year old, and my ever busy toddler. I love cooking for my family, lazy sundays, and tasty wine enjoyed with silly friends.

He is the Dad.  He is the thinker and the pragmatic. When we first met, I used to look in the dictionary for the most obscure words I could find and quiz him – sixty percent of the time, he was right every time. Little known facts about my husband: he could quit his day job and become a illustrator for children’s books. Common knowledge: His perfect day might consist of: Beaches, bacon, and bocce. May as well toss some baileys in there for good measure.

J is our eldest daughter. She is the lover, the optimist, and the bookworm. She likes knock-knock jokes, can rhyme better than me (which is embarrassing) and can sing ‘let it go’ from start to finish.  She’s also the inspiration behind this blog and is the subject of the majority of my photography. If it sparkles, has a good beat, or tastes sweet – she’s all over it.

Baby J is the newest member in our family, born April of 2016, and makes our family feel complete. She is pudgy one, the bird lover, the smile maker, the sleep taker.

We are a family of four, living in Vancouver, Canada. Good times documented here.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is fantastic and I love your stories….your daughter is absolutely adorabubble!! I love your photography too!

  2. connie thank you so much for sharing this love of photography with me. I find you inspiring not only to photos but to life. xox c

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